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Couples Therapy

Emotion Focused + Evidence Based Support

In couples sessions, we work to identify patterns of conflict and misunderstanding so you and your partner can work together to interrupt these patterns when they arise. Through the lens of emotionally focused therapy (EFT), couples develop an awareness of their tendencies, learn important information about interpersonal conflict and intimacy, and practice listening, connecting, and healing.

If you find yourselves caught in a conflict cycle, feeling like you are having the same fight over and over, or stuck and unable to take your relationship to the next level, couples therapy can be a great way to develop insight and best practices and iron out who you are as individuals and a couple in order to take that next step. 

Couples: Services
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"Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage."

Brené Brown

LGBTQAI+ Affirming, Sex Positive, Anti-Racist, Pro-Choice and Open to Feedback

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