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My Intro to Nonviolent Communication 

Nonviolent Communication Feelings Words

This is the primary resource I recommend in my practice, for two reasons:

  1. You are better able to manage your emotions when you name them.

    • While people often report feeling "weird" or "odd" in session, I challenge that that is neither true nor effective for the exercise. If you are having a feeling, it is not weird. It's actually probably pretty common and relatable. There are only so many feelings and you are not alone. So, in order to manage our emotions, we need to be accurate and precise. ​

  2. The more precise we are in the naming of our emotions, the better we are at communicating them so others may understand.


Nonviolent Communication Needs Words

The thing I love about this list is not only its utility in nonviolent communication, but it is additionally a list of all of the needs you are entitled to as a human being on this Earth. So, if you ever question whether you are deserving of something, this list can be a resource for self-advocacy. On the other hand, you are not entitled to anything additional, so it can also serve as a resource to check yourself. 

Nonviolent Communication Worksheet

This is an opportunity to practice nonviolent communication on complicated experiences from your past or prepare for a difficult conversation in the future. 


CBT Self Monitoring Form (for Self-Awareness Practice) 

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